Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit

One of the initiatives from our Spring Conference this year was to make information on SCHC more available via social media. This addresses our Long Range Plan goal of visibility for our Society.

A brainstorming session began in the hope that the Holy Spirit would inspire us. It quickly became apparent that the Holy Spirit has an affinity for brainstorming. Our discussions featured lively communication, new ways of looking at things, and suggestions that stood accepted process on its head. Our discussions were “spirited” in the highest sense. With ideas popping and Companions struggling to understand another’s point and make a point of her own, it was apparent that we were in the presence of the birth of an idea whose time had come.

In the weeks that have followed the Spring Conference, emails have been flying back and forth. Suggestions have been tumbling over each other in email chains that have reached up to 20 messages. Our ideas just overflow and tumble and glow, each with its own little light. We are left running to catch up. In order to keep track, I have been reduced to printing things out to be sure that one small note in a very long change hasn’t been missed.

Watch the Adelynrood website in days to come to see the results of our intercourse with the Holy Spirit. The spirit has brought us to make radical changes in structure, format, and more. This blog is one of the many innovations.

We welcome submissions from all. Whatever you are inspired to send, be it a prayer, a rememberance of friendships and events within our Companionship, encouragement to others or any other subject pertinent to our Society will be welcome as an addition to our blog.

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